For Residents of S. Overlook Road, Cleveland Heights, OH

South Overlook Notice

Charles the Tuckpointer

Posted by Rosie Ford on Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Hi neighbors. For those of you not on NEXTDOOR where I already posted this, I wanted to warn you about Charles the bicycling Tuckpointer who has recently resurfaced on Delaware Drive.

To recap: Charles is a gentleman who has a history of making his way throughout Cleveland Hts., knocking on doors with a bucket of “leftover” mortar, pointing out your tuck pointing that he wants to “repair.” He begins jobs, does them poorly about half way, demands more money than originally agreed upon to finish the job, shows up at your house at inappropriate hours (before 7am or after 10pm) to catch you off guard and then aggressively asks for additional funds etc. In our case, he destroyed a large retaining wall, left a huge pile of bricks in my driveway, took our money and never returned.
Tonight he surfaced on Delaware Drive and convinced my very trusting friend to give him work. Discovering this, Mike just went to pay him a visit and “encouraged” him to leave our friends house and not come back.
I do feel sorry for Charles in that he is clearly struggling. However, please know he is manipulative, a liar, a thief, can become aggressive with erratic behavior and moreover, HE’S A TERRIBLE TUCKPOINTER! Oh yeah- and he has a long rap sheet for some pretty unsavory crimes which was discovered by ANOTHER friend who he also ripped off.

Now that the weather is getting warmer, he is hitting the Cleveland Hts. neighborhoods looking for his next victims. So please do not let him convince you to give him work. You will be tempted because the price is right, he will seem friendly and you will feel like you are doing a good deed for someone who could use a break. I get that. But trust me, you will be sorry!